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and international level and on the other side to develop a corporative association to defend its administrative and official interests.
Our Association is intended to be an effective mean to assure potential clients that all our associated members effectively give compliance to all necessary quality standards according to classified certification and proven reliability.
Some of our associated members belong to other well-known national and international associations such as: AESMAR, ISSA and SHIPSERV.
PROVICANARIAS was also created to explore the challenges arisen against common interests and rights of the ship-supply industry, becoming a valid corporative interlocutor versus different administrations, organizations, public institutions and private entities to improve and optimize the performance of the business activities of its members.


PROVICANARIAS, Ship SuppliersÕs Association, is located in Las PalmasÕs Port, and it was founded in 2011 in Las Palmas (Spain). PROVICANARIAS was established with a dual purpose, in a primary objective to promote all its prestigious members well set-up ship suppliers at national and
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