Chandlery & Provision Services
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¥ Last mile performance on ships« deliveries
¥ 24/7/365 Permanent Service on duty
¥ Own Fleet of Special Vehicles
¥ Most competitive market prices
¥ Wide range of produces and stores in stocks and through major distributors
¥ Any kind of supply services alongside local piers, anchorage services and off roads vessels

The services and products offered are:

¥ Maritime Electronics and Telecommunication sets
¥ Maritime Satellite Services, GPS, S-band radars, X-band radars, data recorders,) Radio communications (Antennas & Accesories , EPIRB, MF/HF, Consoles and accesories) Fishing acoustics (Current Meter, Fish Finder & transducers, Sonars)
¥ Technical assistance, installation, maintenance and repairing all sort of navigation/communication systems and fishing equipment, wide of spare parts either on board-technical service or laboratory service on the ground.

¥ Meat, seafood, dairy, fruits & vegetable, canned food, pastry & bakery.
¥ Drinks: soft drinks, juices, beers, liquors
¥ International cigars and cigarette brands

¥ Great assortment of national and international shipÕs stores in stock to be delivered immediately.
¥ Fishing gears, mooring ropes, wires & cables, pipes, steel plates, deck stores, packing & joints.
¥ Tools, nautical charts & safety signs, spare parts, nuts & bolts, valves & flanges, paints, hoses & couplings, chemical products & cleaning, rubber supplies, welding accessories, bearings, electrical supplies, tableware & galley.


Our associated companies offer a wide range of provision and stores to meet general maritime industry requirement.
Characteristics of the products and services offered:
"We offer a range of services covering marine needs all existing."